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About us

Working with farmers to promote sustainable food production and brand assurance.

Our unique rural environment, and the farming which embraces and nurtures it, are key to the appeal of our products. Food Integrity Assurance is delivering brand assurance to support this and underpin, protect and promote products from our food and farming sector, both here on our doorstep, as well as right around the world.

Farm assurance membership is a necessity for farmers wishing to supply the market. All consumers want to have confidence, and many rightly take great pride, in what they put on their table. Our farmers are equally proud of what they produce, and FIA will help them realise more benefit and opportunities from producing the best quality food, through a range of professional, cost-effective services.

What We Do

Helping farmers to benefit from producing the best quality food, through a range of professional, cost-effective services

Quality Meat Scotland

FIA delivers a farmer-focused service, enabling good communication links with the office and assessment teams; and is working with QMS and other industry partners, across multiple sectors, to increase the practical assessment on-farm and the use of technology to minimise ‘paperwork burden’. In addition, FIA will ensure that where farmers are certified to more than one scheme, for example QMS and SQC, or QMS and Red Tractor Dairy, they will continue to benefit from one joint assessment. FIA is progressing plans to achieve ISO 17065 accreditation for the QMS schemes. This involves independent auditing by UKAS to ensure that the assurance schemes are being managed consistently, impartially and with experienced and proficient teams.